Learn something new. Today.

SkillBonsai is a collection of community-created skill trees that guide you through the learning process. Choose a topic and the skill tree will provide the step-by-step resources to get you to the next level. SkillBonsai answers the question, "What do I do next?"

Start Learning!

SkillBonsai is a free site for self-learners of all skill levels.


Decide which skills you want to learn or improve from a variety of skill trees cultivated by the community. Dig deep into a specific skill, or take a survey of a broader topic. Hone your skills by learning and practicing a little bit each day.


Each skill tree tells you what you need to do next to make progress. This could include reading a book, watching a screencast, or attending a class. Skills may have practice exercises that you can repeat to gain mastery. Your progress is tracked as you complete each step, allowing you to see which skills you've learned.


Create your own skill trees with links to web content like screencasts or tutorials. Refer to books, conferences, training classes or other real-world resources. Create your own tutorials or instructions. Share them with others and get feedback from the community.